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Does this type of table already exist on FDP?  If not, is it okay to make this part of the fdp data schema?

Could you please look into the below issue and update us?

Could you please help to host tommorow’s daily scrum?

how are you doing? 你怎么样?你还好么

will you join the webex?   你能进来么 ?Do you have anything to share?

二、kindly speak

Please get back to us  if any concern.

三、Common Sentences

Given that this is rating related, I think we should create a table under fdp schema and call it fdp.rtg_rank and load values from this file into DB.

You can construct the file off this table. It would arrive at a match.

Just need to exclude greater than 23 since Default, Rising Star, and Fallen  Angels are not concepts within MIR data.

The only issue I see with the table is that it really belongs to fdp because it is rating related.

Please see my question/comment in red in below email…   红色标注

Please refer the XML format files in the attachment.

Initial Load is still running, once it is completed, will let you know the update.

Attached are the sample messages on adjustment details.

As discussed on chat, We will schedule this activity accordingly.

This table is currently sourcing data from fdp. We are creating a new table that source from BFM_CAN for currency.  Hence, we should delete this table.

The data between datamart and BFM_CAN doesn’t seem to be totally synch up.There are 25 more statements in BFM_CAN than in datamart. Can you review?

I think this story is for yoda team.

You may have to think of other alternatives.  想想其他办法吧

To further clarify… I mean for the staging DB to have similar set up as production   相同的配置


I am out of the office Tuesday, Oct 16. Please contact Reza Karegaran for urgent matters.

I will be on leave tommorow.

Please see my question/comment in red in below email…



Please see my question/comment in red in below email…




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