《First blood》

It’s good to hear your voice,Johnny,

It’s been a long time.

are you all right? over

Baker Team,  they’re all dead,sir.

Not Barry, he made it.

Barry’s gone too,sir.

Didn’t even know it.

Cancer ate him down to the bone.

I am the last one ,sir

but they don’t want any more trouble.

That’s why I’ve come.

I’m gonna come in there and fly you the hell out.

we’ll work this thing out together.

Is that fair enough?

where’d you come from sir?

I tried to reach you.

but the guys at Bragg never knew where to find you.

I wish I was back at Bragg now.

we’ll talk about that when you come in.

I can’t do that sir.

I was there with you knee-deep in all that blood and guts.

I covered your ass more than once.

There wouldn’t be no trouble except for that king-shit cop.

All I wanted was something to eat.

but the man kept pushing,sir

they drew first blood.


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